Trowel Down Epoxy Flooring

Most suitable to irregular or non-level floors, trowel down epoxy combines the best of both worlds, consisting of two components mixed together – epoxy and mixed aggregates (gravel, quartz, etc.). Mixing the two substances creates an epoxy mortar that is virtually indestructible and durable, able to withstand immense degrees of impact and mechanical abrasion. Deemed by some “the toughest floor option” on the epoxy market today, if longevity of function and durability are your top priorities, then this surfacing option is perfect.

Trowel down epoxy can be hand spread (troweled) over small surfaces and power troweled with machinery over larger mass floor areas. Once mixed together, the bind of particles creates an ultra strong mortar – there is little space between the gravel or quartz aggregate grains, so the trowel floor is already indestructible, even with thinner layer thicknesses. Because even a thin layer of this flooring will give you extreme protection and durability, you can save money by employing a smaller layer without sacrificing any function. Generally set and dried within an hour of being troweled, this flooring option is not only quick and efficient if your floor needs are emergent, but will last longer than almost any other surfacing.

Highly Compressive Strength
Even the heaviest machinery or tools won’t damage or dent the towel down epoxy flooring, thanks to its virtually indestructible epoxy mortar mix.

No smell, odor, or taste transfer takes place with this flooring, leaving your space exactly the same as before. This is particularly important for food establishments.

Chemical Resistant
After the curing process, trowel epoxy floors are resistant to cleaning agents, gas, minerals, oils, fats, acids, alkalis and many hydrocarbons.

Because the mixed mortar is so strong, no matter how thick of a layer you would like to use, the floor has a high performance seal that is impervious to any substance or dirt leaking through. This makes cleaning and keeping up hygiene very easy.

Quick Dry
The whole drying process is generally an hour from the time the trowel is fully laid, giving you immediate access to your new, durable floor.

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