Partial Color Flake Flooring

Much like a full color flake flooring, a partial color flake flooring boasts incredible results for a durable and aesthetically beautiful surface. Color flakes of your choice are selected and blended together to create a unique and individualized look, then applied at a coverage rate determined by you. The colored particles in a partial flake floor are composed of many materials to include vinyl, mica, and other materials. Organic minerals, additives and various pigments to create a beautifully unique floor. Color flakes are vividly colored and are available in
random in shapes and sizes.

What differentiates a full color flake from a partial color flake floor is simply the amount of flakes employed in the overall flooring coverage. A partial flake floor will have fewer flakes, and the bulk of the floor color is made up of a pigmented epoxy with partial flake used as accent colors. Flake concentration can change the overall look and feel of the space.

Besides the obvious visual advantages of color customization and flake distribution that a partial color flake floor provides, this type of flooring also helps to break up and hide sub-surface imperfections like unlevel planes, concrete chips, spider cracks, and mis-matched concrete patch work. The amount of resin and flake layers can also be customized based on need and budget; the more layers you add, the more color fidelity and durability will be achieved for optimal function and appearance.

Other benefits of partial color flake epoxy flooring include:


Resistant to chemicals, abrasion, stains, cracks, and scratches, resinous flooring systems provide superior durability and longevity over pre-engineered floors.

Whether you choose partial flake or full flake, these floors have a distinctive, subtle sparkle that give them their one of a kind, decorative appearance.

Choose variations from partial color flake flooring to full color flakes, numerous color combinations and textures to suit the functional and aesthetic needs of your home or business.

A cost-effective alternative to pre-engineered and other types of flooring.

Textured flake floors aid the coefficient of friction (COF) against slip and fall incidents by improving traction.

Epoxy color flake flooring is seamless, offering wall-to-wall beauty and simultaneously eliminating cracks and crevices where mold, dust, and bacteria thrive. The monolithic surface of epoxy flooring makes it easy to clean and durable enough to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals.

These floors provide even more return on investment than your typical floor. When you’re ready to revive it years down the road, simply apply a new topcoat to bring it back to full luster.

Low Sound
Epoxy floors boast low sound/noise-deadening qualities