Safety Flooring

Epoxy-based floors are already one of the safest forms of commercial flooring on the market today. This type of flooring boasts the most versatile and protective flooring if your top priority is safety in usage and durability. This type of flooring is recommended for heavy utility businesses or in areas where heavy equipment and machinery are commonly used, as safety is often the top priority for business owners and their employees. This flooring application is recommended for places where many people gather publicly, like schools, shopping malls, etc. so to be the most efficient in keeping all patrons or users safe.

Made with naturally slip-resistant particles and a high coefficient of friction, our epoxy safety flooring is top of the line for traction and stability. Unlike smooth concrete, the epoxy flooring mixed with aggregate is made to increase overall traction and keep objects in place and the grip of the floor’s facade has the necessary binding properties to keep people safe and secure on their feet while they traverse the surface. Depending on the specific need, resins can be customized for certain customer needs and different types of resin provide different degrees of strength and thermal and chemical resistance. Once the curing process is complete, and the safety epoxy floor coating is cured, it is 100% safe for both industrial and commercial flooring use. Epoxy Safety Floors are safe for animals and people alike.

● Safety
Of course, by virtue of the name, this flooring type is the safest we offer. If workplace or business safety is your top priority, this is the surface for you!

● Cost
For its efficient installation and cost, safety epoxy floors are one of the best options on the market. They are extremely economically priced for the benefits they provide.

● Protection
Epoxy Safety floors are extremely durable. Texture can be adjusted by adding another layer of sealer. Extra coats of sealer fix most aesthetic impurities and make the floor a little easier to keep clean.