Color Quartz Flooring

Colored Quartz coatings are a great option for heavy traffic areas and provide extreme durability and strength. Quartz flooring is an all natural flooring solution made of a quartz and a resinous binder. Quartz has more varieties and colors than any other mineral and is considered one of the naturally hardest materials on Earth. Because of its abundance and accessibility, Quartz and epoxy is a perfect option for a brilliant and distinctly durable floor.

Among all of the myriad of epoxy flooring options, decorative Quartz blends are consistently ranked at the top due to their incredibly diverse range of color, texture options, and affordable price point. Whether you need a subtle and understated matte option or a vibrant and loud surface to make a bright impression with a high gloss finish, Quartz is an excellent, stable, cost-efficient
choice. Cosmetic colored Quartz systems are installed with “dual broadcast system.” In this system, the mineral granules are bonded on top of epoxy, urethane, or polyaspartic binder, then excess granules are removed and a clear resinous binder is applied to affix the next layer of quartz particles. Finally, a clear, protective sealer is applied to lock everything together. This type of flooring structure is typical of heavy use commercial installations.


High End Appearance and Cost Effective:
If you want to achieve an elegant, flooring look, costs can sky-rocket with certain stones or materials and won’t necessarily withstand the wear and tear you might expect for the price tag. Quartz is a perfect solution, achieving a beautiful and sleek look at a fraction of the cost and will last much longer with less maintenance.

Quartz blends are available in a variety of popular solid colors and premixed color combinations. Quartz is also the perfect material to create custom color combinations to match surrounding color schemes, like carpet, furniture or other décor.

Quartz’s natural mineral provides a one-of-a-kind texture to flooring systems. The fine granules provide a nice texture similar to a sealed 60-80 grit sandpaper. A sparkly or matte look is achieved by choice and amount of sealer used, for a finish that is both clean and beautiful.

These floors are incredibly durable and strong seamless systems that incorporate colored quartz aggregate in a tough epoxy matrix, sealed with specially formulated clear epoxy, polyaspartic, or urethane. The sheer hardness of the quartz mineral will enhance both impact and slip resistance, making it the optimal solution for demanding environments.

Low Odor and Easy Install:
Quartz flooring is a quick installation and with VOC-free epoxy binders, leaves no offensive odor lingering during the installation process.