Cementitious Overlay Flooring

Cementitious overlay flooring is a hybrid option combines the best of both worlds – cement base and epoxy strength. If your flooring surface already has a cement base then this is a perfect option to strengthen the quality and durability without completely gutting it for a new floor. Or, if starting from scratch and would like to employ the best qualities of both cement and epoxy, then this is a perfect choice for your floor.

A cementitious coat is applied as a solid foundation, followed by coat(s) of epoxy to seal in the strength. A hybrid floor option like an epoxy cementitious overlay is an especially good option for existing cement floors that suffer from erosion and moisture integrity issues. Instead of worrying about how to maintain your concrete floor, adding the epoxy overlay is an inexpensive and durable way to blend the two mediums into one ultra-strong and tough floor that will last you a very long time.

In addition to surface restoration and preservation, the cementitious overlay creates a unique aesthetic similar to brick, stone, or slate at a fraction of the cost. The cementitious floors can be installed to look tiled, mosaic, or freely poured, creating beautiful and durable surfaces.


Hybrid Durability
Combining both cement and epoxy creates double the strength! An excellent option for existing cement floors or for those who want two types of flooring mixed together. Durable against water, chemicals, chips, cracks, and temperature fluctuations. Never deal with replacing concrete again!

Cementitious epoxy is far cheaper than an actual cement installation and has proven to last much longer.

Cementitious epoxy creates interesting textures that mimic other mediums, while maintaining strength and durability that far outlast the materials they imitate. Rustic, textured finish.

Cementitious epoxy is easy to upkeep and clean without causing any compromises to its structural integrity.

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