Solid Color Pigmented Coating

The solid color pigmented coating epoxy floor option is a high gloss, self-leveling choice excellent for customization to match any pigment or hue needed. Epoxy in its purest form is clear and can be carefully treated and shaded to be any color you need, from matte to gloss finish. The differing dispersion of the color will produce a different color saturation and tinge, customized to your specific floor.

Once the epoxy and resin are mixed and begin to cure together, color is added at a general ratio 2-6% of the entire weight. The amount of color depends on the required amount of translucence or opacity requested by customer. Similar in durability and function to a metallic epoxy floor or color flake options, the solid color pigments differ in that they are not marbled and do not require any sort of pattern making – the floors are solid and one color dispersed across the surface.
Solid color pigmented coatings are generally the standard for warehouses, service bays and production floors. This option is simple, no frills, and extremely effective. The longevity of the floor correlates to the amount of layers and coats of epoxy requested by the customer. Like other epoxy overlays, color pigmented coatings are incredibly durable, resistant, easy to clean, and safe.


Most Customizable Color and Thickness
You can achieve virtually any color and translucence with a color pigmented color epoxy, making it the most customizable and diverse flooring option. This option is also extremely customizable in terms of thickness and need of performance.

Epoxy flooring is already a cost effective option compared to other floor substances. Going even further, a colored floor is one of the cheapest ways to customize an epoxy floor, while maintaining all of the benefits and longevity of other epoxy options.

Color floors can easily add layers on top, adding additional layers of protection and durability at any point in the floor’s lifetime, prolonging it safety and wear-and-tear even further.

These floors are incredibly durable and strong seamless systems that incorporate your perfect color within a tough epoxy matrix, sealed with specially formulated clear epoxy or polyurethane. When properly installed, a solid color pigmented floor will last decades without cracking or faltering at all.